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Delay the Drop is a community-based media project produced in partnership with a Pacific Islander community in Mount Druitt and the participation of youth leaders in that area.

Delay the Drop explores some of the issues around alcohol drinking in the lives of young people from Pacific Island backgrounds, with the aim to encourage young people to delay their first sip.

The recordings are made by young people for young people.


1. Don't Become a Statistic

This recording includes some recent statistics that introduces different contexts where alcohol drinking can have a negative impact. It explores the effects that alcohol drinking can have on brain development, and the consequences that poor brain development can have on a person's behaviour and way of life.

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2. Young People Living in Two Cultures

This recording explores the concept of a culture clash between Samoan and Australian cultures, through the eyes of four young individuals. It sheds some light on how alcohol drinking is one of many negative channels that young people, regardless of culture, turn to when trying to work through their personal struggles.

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3. Ways to Break the Silence around Alcohol

Through the experiences of four young individuals, this recording explores possible reasons why members of the local community may not openly talk about alcohol, particularly parents with respect to their children. Some suggestions are made as to how the local community can address the challenges of open communication about alcohol.

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This project would not have been possible without the time, support and commitment from the members of PIMDAN (Pacific Islands Mount Druitt Action Network Inc.) and the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) Youth Group in Emerton. Thank you.

Delay the Drop was facilitated by Vanessa Pek, Social Work Student, University of Sydney.

The music in the recordings is produced by Kieran Anthony.

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